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Tourists going to Bali are required to show a negative result of the PCR-based swab test at least two days before departure. This policy has disappointed a number of tourism actors. Because, this policy was felt suddenly and made prospective tourists who previously wanted to go to Bali cancel their visit.

“If we are definitely disappointed because the sudden discharge, then the problem of canceling is certain to cancel 80 percent and move to another area, for example Lombok,” said United Bali Driver (UBD) Chairman Made Yogi Anantawijaya (35), when contacted, Wednesday (16 / 12/2020).

Yogi said that almost all members of the tourism drivers association, which has 500 members, complained that many had canceled. In fact, the moment of this New Year holiday seems to provide a speck of hope amidst sluggish tourism. This is because in the last eight months tourism in Bali has been suspended animation and almost all of its members are unemployed. “Almost all said they canceled it because there was a hope of earning a fortune but it was canceled,” he said. According to him, mandating the PCR swab test made domestic tourists think again about having a vacation to Bali because there were additional costs. He hopes that the government will reopen Bali as usual with strict health protocol requirements. The same thing was expressed by the Chairman of the DPD Indonesian Hotel General Manager. According to him, the policy caused many cancellations of orders by tourists to hotels in Bali.

Currently, his party is still counting the number of cancellations that have occurred.

“So, there have been many cancellations and complaints from guests staying in Bali. Indeed, the situation is very difficult,” he said.

According to him, recently the condition of hotel occupancy rates in Bali has slowly improved even though it has not fully recovered.

For two weeks this December, the occupancy rate has reached 40 to 60 percent.

“We hope the government can provide a more open communication. In this case, guests and industry players will also panic, although I hear this for even bigger reasons,” he said. Association (IHGMA) Bali Yoga Iswara.

Previously, the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, remained confident that Bali would not be deserted even though there was a PCR swab test policy for air travelers. According to him, this is to build Bali’s trust as a safe tourist area for Covid-19. “I don’t think it’s (lonely), this actually builds trust, because then we can manage the risk of covid transmission properly,” said Koster at the official residence, Jayashaba Building, Denpasar, Tuesday (15/12/2020).

As is well known, there are a number of requirements for domestic tourists that must be met before visiting Bali. This is to avoid the transmission of Covid-19. One of them, if using air transportation, must show a certificate of negative results of the PCR-based swab test at least two days before departure.

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